New Energy Warehouse Revolution: Doubling Efficiency with Smart Storage Solutions

Achieving 70% Increase in Storage Capacity and Full Automation, Driving Efficient Development in the New Energy Sector


  • Developed an intensive storage solution for lithium battery materials, increasing storage capacity by 70%.
  • Utilized multi-depth storage methods to more than double overall storage efficiency.
  • Customized the WMS system design according to the client’s specific warehousing operational flow.
  • Achieved automated inventory management with stable and continuous equipment operation.
Zikoo's Solution

  • Constructed a high-density storage system with an area of 880 sqm, featuring a two-level structure with 810 storage positions.
  • Equipped with 5 four-way shuttles, 2 elevators, and a comprehensive set of WMS, WES, WCS, and RCS software systems.
  • Standardized pallet size at 11001100150mm.


  • Addressing recruitment challenges in the operational environment
  • Expanding warehouse storage capacity while saving on labor costs
  • Achieving automated warehousing with full-process traceability
  • Ensuring stable operation of equipment and systems to improve operational efficiency

Project Background

With the explosive growth of new energy vehicles, the demand for power batteries has significantly increased. The imbalance in supply and demand for lithium-ion positive and negative electrode materials has created a substantial gap in the industry. Amidst the massive market demand, enhancing the handling and storage efficiency of lithium battery materials is a critical challenge for these enterprises. Improving delivery capabilities and efficiency is now a top priority. Intelligent and digital warehouse management can effectively address these challenges, aiding the high-quality development of new energy enterprises.

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