U-bot storage system

It can be used for whole pallet in and out of the warehouse, also can be piece picked in and out of the warehouse, compared with other counterbalanced weight stacking AGV, comprehensive efficiency increase of 30%, extremely narrow aisle travelling, easy deployment, fast delivery, is the best choice for customers who want to improve the storage density of the traditional manual forklift warehouse renovation.

The Advantages of U-Bot Storage System

U-bot storage system adopts U-bot Omnidirectional Stacker Robot with selective rack, which can be used for whole pallet in/out storage, and can also be used with picking workstations to carry out piece picking in/out storage. U-bot’s extremely narrow travelling aisle of 2.1m dramatically increasing the utilization rate of lateral space, and its lifting height of 0-8m greatly improves the utilization rate of longitudinal space. At the same time, combined with PTP Smart Warehouse Software, it can realize storage heat level management, intelligent stock management at spare time, and greatly improve the efficiency and flow of in/out storage, which is a kind of storage and picking solution with high manpower efficiency and fast ROI.

Ultra High Storage Density
  • Extremely narrow travelling aisle of 2.1m, dramatically increasing the utilization of lateral space
  • Lifting height 0-8m, dramatically increasing the utilization of longitudinal space
  • Multi-containers can be mixed in multiple floors, fully releasing the floor space.
Ultra-high Operating Efficiency
  • No-unpacking put-away to suit more customer needs
  • Faster travelling speeds, faster fork extension speeds
  • Smaller turning radius, higher turning efficiency
Ultra-High ROI
  • 1-2 year ROI
  • Easy Deployment, Fast Delivery
  • Traditional manual forklift warehouse conversion, no need to replace racks
Flexible Deployment
  • Flexibility to increase or decrease the number of robots according to order requirements
  • Global planning, step-by-step implementation, upgrading without stopping production
  • Supports multiple navigation methods, adapting to changes in the environment


Receiving Process

Dispatch Process

Features and Benefits

Data Simulation

  • Net size of warehouse: L60m*W20m*H10m
  • Product portfolio U-bot*2
  • No. of storage positions 1680
  • Applicable SKUs ≤1680
  • Efficiency of in/out storage ≥50 pallets/hour
  • Investment amount USD 150,000+
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Jointown Pharmaceutical

Pain points: Under new requirements, the company set an overall processing volume of 10,000 pieces/hour with 99.9% accuracy.

Solution: Picking robots transport goods directly to the platform for unmanned unloading. User friendly interface providing multiple data gathering, reducing operation risks and increasing transportation safety.

1/3increased                      1400per hour

storage capacity                    outbound



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