U-bot + R-bot storage system

U-bot and R-bot are combined in a ” forward-buffering and backward-storage” operation. U-bot replaces multiple equipment functions such as elevators/conveyor lines/AGVs, and improves picking efficiency and accuracy significantly compared to a separate four-way shuttle warehouse, which is the best choice for customers who seek to maximize storage density and picking efficiency.

The Advantages of U-Bot + R-Bot Storage System

The U-bot + R-bot Ultra-High-Efficiency and Ultra-High-Density Storage and Picking System uses the U-bot Omnidirectional Stacker Robot and R-bot Four-Way Shuttle to enable forward-buffering and backward-storage operations. The U-bot takes on the roles of elevators, conveyors, and AGVs/AMRs, thereby realizing a “sowing and harvesting” process of dense storage and efficient pallet-to-person picking with a single vehicle. In the meantime, when integrated with PTP Smart Warehouse Software, it achieves a “dual control” over efficiency and density, significantly enhancing picking accuracy. Therefore, it is a highly efficient, highly dense, innovative storage and picking solution. 

Ultra High Storage Density
  • Dense storage with “distribution wall” picking positions for optimum space utilization
  • High space utilization with no fixed aisles
Ultra-high operating efficiency
  • No-unpacking put-away, fast picking, to suit more customers’needs
  • The rack “distribution wall” is designed with multiple single-depth positions for efficient storage and picking
  • R-bot inside the warehouse, U-bot outside the warehouse, efficient coordination and intelligent scheduling of multiple devices
Ultra-High ROI
  • 2-3 year ROI
  • Easier to deploy and faster to delivery than a separate four-way shuttle warehouse
  • Compared to a separate four-way shuttle warehouse, there is no conveyor lifting equipment and costs are significantly reduced
Flexible Deployment
  • Replacement of conveyor lifting in front of the warehouse, more flexible operation in front of the warehouse
  • Flexibility to increase or decrease the number of U-bot, R-bot according to order requirements
  • Global planning, phased implementation, flexible expansion


Receiving Process

Dispatch Process

Features and Benefits

Data Simulation

  • Net size of warehouse: L60m*W20m*H30m
  • Product portfolio U-bot*2 R-bot*5 H-bot*1
  • No. of storage positions 3432
  • Applicable SKUs ≤10000
  • Efficiency of in/out storage ≥60 pallets/hour
  • Picking efficiency≥200 pieces/hour
  • Investment amount USD 600,000+
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Jointown Pharmaceutical

Pain points: Under new requirements, the company set an overall processing volume of 10,000 pieces/hour with 99.9% accuracy.

Solution: Picking robots transport goods directly to the platform for unmanned unloading. User friendly interface providing multiple data gathering, reducing operation risks and increasing transportation safety.

1/3increased                      1400per hour

storage capacity                    outbound



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