A refrigerated intensive warehouse in Japan

The urgent need for intelligent and digital transformation in cold chain warehousing


  • Transformation of the pharmaceutical packaging warehouse into a 7-layer dense high warehouse, enhancing storage capacity by 5.5 times.
  • The four-way shuttle car replaces manual forklifts, significantly improving storage efficiency.
  • Customized mother-child pallet storage method lowers the cost of pallet-based shipping.
  • Assistance in reorganizing warehouse operational processes and the successful launch of the WMS system.
  • Warehouse equipment designed to match environmental temperatures of -10℃ to 40℃, ensuring stable operation.
Zikoo's ソリューション

  • High-bay warehouse of 1895 sqm, 17m height, 7 levels, 4100 storage positions.
  • 4 R-Bot four-way pallet shuttles, 4 H-Bot high-speed elevators, conveyor lines, and a full set of WMS, WES, WCS, RCS software systems.
  • Goods dimension accommodation: 1300*1200*2000mm (including pallet).


  • Transforming flat storage in a pharmaceutical packaging warehouse into a high-bay warehouse to expand storage capacity.
  • Achieving warehouse automation, including automatic inventory and stock in/out management.
  • Ensuring stable operation of equipment and systems in warehouse environments with temperatures ranging from -10°C to 40°C.
  • Shipping goods with pallets, using a mother-child pallet storage method.


In the pharmaceutical industry, evolving policies, adjustments in supply chain nodes, and the emergence of new sales channels like pharmaceutical e-commerce are driving a shift towards more intelligent logistics and warehousing needs.

Stringent management regulations, including GMP and GSP, are integral to the entire production and operation process in this sector. Consequently, effective warehouse information management has become a crucial tool for the pharmaceutical industry to efficiently comply with these regulations and promote compliant production and sales.


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