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The solution of Flash shuttle® Pallet Efficient Storage System covers smart four-way shuttle, high-speed elevator, flexible conveyor line, high-standard racks and pallets and smart storage software (IWMS, IWCS, RMS). According to the characteristics of warehouses and customer needs, we provide customers with high-efficiency, high-density, high-flexibility, fast delivery, and high performance/price ratio "pallet-to-person" solutions.

Ultra-fast operation efficiency

The overall operating efficiency is 2-3 times that of traditional warehouses

Ultra-high storage density

The storage density is 4-6 times that of traditional storage solutions

Flexible adaptation to various scenarios

Can be used in more than 90% of pallet storage scenarios

Flexibility to adapt to business needs

Flexible response to space constraints and changes in business stages

2-3 months high quality delivery

100% high-quality delivery, ensuring no unfinished projects

Quick ROI

Reduce labor input by 50%-80%, and quickly return on investment

Smart Four-Way Shuttle High Speed Elevator Flexible Conveyor High Standard Storage Device Smart warehouse software

The ZK-R series four-way shuttle Independently developed by Zikoo with full self-owned IPR is a kind of Smart handling equipment, which is applied to various high-density three-dimensional storage scenarios.

Higher load capacity
Payload: till 1800kg, meet various load requirements. Higher load capacity of similar products under the same conditions
Run faster
The highest running speed is 2m/s, and the reversing time is 2.5s
Highly intelligent
Smart operation, smart scheduling, smart power management, smart safety rules
High stability and reliability
70+ rigorous testing procedures, high-standard manufacturing, rich application example verification
Multiple model selection
Covering payload till 1800KG, -25℃~45℃ temperature environment, various models are optional
Applicable to multiple scenarios
Applicable to multiple scenarios such as electricity, cold chain, medicine, tobacco, food, third-party logistics, and manufacturing

Standard four-way smart shuttle

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Oversized four-way smart shuttle

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Narrow four-way smart shuttle

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The ZK-E series high-speed hoist independently developed by Think Tank Intelligence is a layer-changing transportation device in the pallet storage system, which can accurately, stably and efficiently realize the cross-layer handling of goods and intelligent shuttle vehicles.

High match
The overall design perfectly matches the operating needs and safety requirements of the intelligent shuttle;
Accurate and efficient
Four-axis synchronous lifting, high-precision transmission design, fast, accurate and stable operation and positioning
Rapid deployment
Modular design, quick disassembly and assembly, greatly reducing installation and commissioning time
Adapt to a wide range
The maximum load can reach 2.5 tons, the deployment height is 3-20 meters, and the wide range can be used

ZK-E2000N High Speed Hoist

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ZK-E2500N High Speed Hoist

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ZK-E2000C High Speed Hoist - Cold Chain Type

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ZK-E2500C High Speed Hoist - Cold Chain Type

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The flexible conveyor line independently developed by Think Tank Intelligence is a conveyor equipment that connects various storage production processes inside and outside the three-dimensional warehouse, including chain conveyor lines, roller conveyor lines and jacking transfer machines, which are used in combination in the project.

Plug and play
Flexible configuration, suitable for long, medium and short distances and various complex pallet conveying requirements, reducing simple and repetitive manual handling
Original modular design
Adopting standard modular structure and electrical design, changing custom deployment into product deployment, more stable and reliable
Highly flexible deployment
Support various complex conveyor line arrangements through software configuration, saving more than 70% of implementation and debugging time

Chain Conveyor Line

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Roller conveyor line

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Lifting and moving the top of the machine

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Think Tank Intelligence provides high-standard cargo storage facilities, including standard and customizable pallets and shelves, which are high-quality, easy to build, easy to modify, and easy to upgrade.

Product advantages
High stability
A number of tests and on-site practice of major projects have developed and tested the shelf system and pallet structure that are best suited to the operation of the system, and the accuracy of system scheduling has been tested ≥ 500,000 times
High quality
High-standard materials, high-standard manufacturing, and strict on-site inspection. Independent design of structural parts, durability test of hydraulic jacking mechanism ≥1,000,000 times, continuous test time of 53 days
High efficiency
The shelf design adopts a structural optimization design that is conducive to the operation of the robot, and supports the full play of the robot's operating efficiency
High flexibility
Shelves can be customized according to the characteristics of the warehouse, matching various types of pallets, and flexible to meet various needs

High standard shelf

The shelf is the cargo storage device of the three-dimensional warehouse, which can be customized and built to meet the complex warehouse needs. Realize high-density storage by building dense storage shelves.

Gigh standard tray

Pallets are cargo consignment handling, storage and transportation equipment, which can be matched with pallets of different types, materials and shapes to meet various storage needs.

Intelligent warehousing software is a software ecosystem fully meshed with the characteristics of the hardware system created by Think Tank Intelligence for the new generation of intelligent warehouses. As the brain of the intelligent warehouse, it is the warehouse management, storage strategy, path planning, task scheduling, multi-device scheduling, robot scheduling, etc. The middle platform of the AI ​​algorithm also provides user-end functions such as interactive and friendly warehouse business operations, warehouse equipment monitoring and management, and equipment intelligent operation and maintenance.

IWMS IWCS RMS SCADA data acquisition and monitoring system

A management system that empowers intelligent allocation and deployment in various scenarios such as procurement, production, and sales. Warehouse business personnel create inbound and outbound orders in the wms system, and based on the matching operation process automatically selected by the order in the business scenario, finally generate the warehouse's loading and unloading tasks. The system adapts to the scene from the source of the business, flexibly stitches together through modularization, effectively integrates all aspects of warehousing operations with robot picking, cross-docking, handling, access, and manual management, and dynamically plans the flow of materials.

Optimal Path Planning Multi-vehicle Traffic Control Equipment Operation Process Device Security Management Intelligent Charging Management

A scheduling system that performs task decomposition and multi-device collaboration. Through the core algorithm, the operation requirements are converted into task combinations and combined with equipment control to maximize the operation efficiency. At the same time, the simulation and digital twin models are configured in the system to automatically match the attributes and characteristics of different equipment, so as to realize the optimal scheduling of the global equipment layer in terms of efficiency, stability, and safety.

Optimal Path Planning

It can flexibly combine a variety of equipment, and realize the fastest operation, intelligent avoidance and intelligent charging bottom-level dispatching system through independent optimal path planning. Built-in advanced path planning algorithm and central path arbitration mechanism, recursively optimize the path based on the actual driving situation of the vehicle and road congestion, the arbitration center can generate intelligent avoidance and intelligent charging strategies based on the current position of the vehicle, task priority, power and other information sorting .

Optimal Path Planning Multi-vehicle Traffic Control

As a visualization system for real-time data collection, data communication, equipment control, and operation and maintenance monitoring. Using 3D model construction, artificial intelligence, and big data analysis technology, it realizes functions such as centralized data storage, task emergency warning, predictable maintenance, equipment control, and supervision.

Optimal Path Planning Multi-vehicle Traffic Control Equipment Operation Process

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