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Industry pain points

Warehouse ambient temperature is unstable

The traditional cold chain warehousing mode is dominated by manual operations. The frequent entry and exit of personnel will affect the steady-state environment of the warehouse, and the unstable ambient temperature will affect the quality of goods.

Warehouse storage space is limited

The coverage of cold chain warehouses is insufficient and the supply exceeds demand, the matching degree between supply and demand of storage space is limited, and the utilization rate of warehouse space is low.

High requirements for inbound and outbound timeliness

Traditional cold chain storage lacks batch management, making it difficult to achieve first-in-first-out; goods are frequently in and out of the warehouse, and manual records have problems such as cumbersome operations, data errors, poor real-time performance, and difficulty in realizing the full traceability of goods.

It is difficult to recruit low temperature operators

When moving in and out of the cold storage and loading and unloading goods, the operators are faced with the test of "two heavens of ice and fire", and the problem of difficult recruitment is common.


The cold chain shuttle car intensive storage system can be used for new construction or renovation of cold storage. The cold chain shuttle car is equipped with a cold chain high-speed hoist and a cold chain flexible conveyor line. All equipment can operate stably at a low temperature of -25°C. The supporting deployment of WCS and WMS software systems can intelligently dispatch multi-storey and multi-regional shuttle vehicles according to the order tasks of intelligent shuttle vehicles, improve space utilization, realize unmanned operations, and solve cold chain storage problems.

Cold chain four-way shuttle
Cold chain high-speed elevator
Cold chain flexible conveyor line
Smart software system
Solution results

Build a cold chain shuttle car three-dimensional warehouse, which greatly improves the space utilization rate and realizes intensive storage

The car body uses a special battery for low-temperature batteries, which has a long battery life and can run stably at a low temperature of -25°C

The robot is interconnected with the upper WMS, WCS and RCS to realize fully automatic unmanned operation, replacing labor and doubling the efficiency

Realize warehouse visualization, intelligent inventory management, improve inventory accuracy, and realize full-process management of goods

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