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An auto parts warehouse

With the rapid innovation of technology and the change of consumer demand structure, the competition in the manufacturing market is becoming more and more fierce, and the upgrading of products is accelerating, which requires continuous optimization of the supply chain. Models such as VMI warehouses are widely used to solve the problems of small production space, high inventory costs, and low shipping efficiency of manufacturing companies, and accelerate the intelligent transformation of manufacturing companies' in-plant production and logistics.

Customer pain points

Many columns in the warehouse, cable stays and cross braces between the columns, so the space is limited

Mixed storage of raw ,auxiliary materials and finished products, goods of different sizes

The production line and the warehouse locate in two buildings,require cross-regional connection

The efficiency of warehouse inbound and outbound is low, and labor costs are high

The Zikoo solution

The total area of ​​the three-dimensional warehouse is 2973 square meters, the net height of the warehouse is 11m, and a five-story three-dimensional warehouse is built, with 6350 cargo spaces and 4 warehouse entrances

7 four-way shuttle , 6 elevators, several conveyor , 1 set of WMS, WES, WCS, RCS software systems

Project achievements

Build a dense three-dimensional warehouse, and the four-way shuttle can flexibly avoid column operations

Equipped with two pallet sizes, realize multi-category material management through WMS, WCS and RCS

Build an air corridor, use conveyor lines to realize the interconnection of warehouses and workshops, and create an intelligent integrated production line

Multi-equipment linkage scheduling, efficient storage and storage, with an efficiency of up to 123 pallets/hour

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