Zikoo Robotics Boosts Grain Storage Transformation, Tripling Warehousing Efficiency

This project showcases the high applicability of Zikoo Robotics’ independently developed integrated hardware and software solutions for smart shuttles in the grain storage sector, earning customer approval.


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  • Achieved a threefold increase in overall efficiency through the effective coordination of system software and hardware.
  • Significantly enhanced warehouse space utilization and increased storage positions post-renovation.
  • Realized unmanned operations, reducing personnel movement in and out of the warehouse, effectively ensuring a stable warehouse environment.
Zikoo's Solution

  • Constructed a 575 sqm four-way vehicle stacker warehouse with a clear height of 6.5m, featuring a three-level storage system with over 600 storage positions.
  • Equipped with 3 four-way shuttles, 1 elevator, multiple conveyor lines, telescopic belt machines, depalletizing robotic arms, and pallet stacker machines.
  • Implemented a complete suite of WMS, WES, WCS, and RCS software systems.
  • Standardized pallet size at 1300mm x 1100mm x 150mm.


  • Low efficiency in manual handling
  • Poor utilization of warehouse space
  • Numerous irregularly shaped columns in the warehouse
  • High demands for environmental stability in storage

Project Background

Due to the unique nature of food products, including shelf life constraints, the food industry demands high accuracy in batch tracking. This necessitates warehouses and logistics to have enhanced timeliness and superior order processing capabilities. Furthermore, heightened safety and quality standards for food products, especially under the impact of the pandemic, have led to more stringent requirements for warehouse environments.

Boosts Grain Storage Transformation, Tripling Storage Efficiency

Amid the normalization of the pandemic, coupled with population pressures and complex international dynamics, the importance of grain storage has become increasingly prominent. How to enhance warehouse storage capacity and efficiency, ensure the stability of grain storage environments, and achieve intelligent warehousing transformation, are pressing challenges for many grain enterprises.

In response to the existing storage model of a major grain storage enterprise, Zikoo Robotics custom-designed an intelligent three-dimensional warehouse transformation project. The company’s previous manual storage model was not only costly in terms of labor but also prone to operational errors. Frequent staff movement in and out of the warehouse disturbed the environmental stability, affecting the quality of stored goods. Additionally, the irregular layout of the warehouse limited usable space, leading to wasted land costs. Therefore, an urgent need arose for intelligent and automated warehouse transformation to achieve cost reduction and efficiency enhancement.

After considering engineering costs, storage density, and flexibility for subsequent upgrades, a four-way vehicle three-dimensional warehouse was designed and constructed. The upgraded warehouse, covering over 600 square meters with a net height of 6.5 meters, comprises about 1000 storage positions and three levels of shelving. It is equipped with three intelligent shuttle vehicles for storage and retrieval operations, along with telescopic belt machines, depalletizing robotic arms, pallet destackers, elevators, and associated conveyor lines, creating a fully automated workflow system.

Project Impact

Zikoo Robotics’ grain storage intelligent warehouse transformation project has maximally met the client’s demands for high efficiency, low cost, high intelligence, and low coupling in warehouse transformation. Post-transformation, the warehouse’s work efficiency has increased threefold, significantly enhancing the enterprise’s storage capacity and operational efficiency.

This project showcases Zikoo Robotics’ precise understanding and response to customer pain points and the high applicability of its self-developed intelligent shuttle vehicle products in the grain storage field, earning customer recognition. Moving forward, Zikoo Robotics will continue its path of independent research and development, enhancing the depth and breadth of its product services, expanding more application scenarios, and empowering the construction of more intelligent, safe, and efficient warehouses.


Zikoo Robotics covers four major segments: consulting, products, integration, and services. Committed to being a leading intelligent warehouse pallet storage solution provider, it focuses on industries where pallet storage is a key application. Centered around intelligent warehouse operating systems and using pallet storage robots as carriers, it offers full lifecycle solutions to clients. The company concentrates on independent research and development, with a comprehensive R&D system and a hardware and software development team. It possesses full-loop R&D capabilities in robot bodies, core algorithms, operating systems, and business systems, owning over 150 independent intellectual property rights. With mature industry solutions in sectors like power, pharmaceuticals, logistics, and precision manufacturing, Zikoo Robotics will continue to expand its industry application scenarios, promoting storage transformation in various sectors.

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