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Our expertise lies in providing customized solutions that perfectly align with our clients’ distinct needs. Our commitment goes beyond mere product offerings as we diligently craft tailored solutions, addressing their unique requirements with utmost precision.


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Robotics Products


Four -Way Pallet Shuttle

Key Feature

The R-bot Four-Way Shuttle is a smart storage robot that is independently developed by Zikoo and designed for dense storage systems of pallets. It boasts four-way flexible driving, smart autonomous handling, multi-shuttle collaborative operation, and other benefits. 




Rated load

2 m/s

Driving speed


Reversing time

Robotics Products


Omnidirectional Stacker Robot

Key Feature

The U-bot Omnidirectional Stacker Robot is a smart storage robot independently developed by Zikoo Smart. This “pallet-to-person” storage and picking system offers a multitude of benefits including the ability to maneuver around narrow aisles, precise positioning, flexible deployment, and adaptable functionality.

0-8 m

Lifting height

1370 mm

Minimum turning radius

1.5 m/s

Maximum speed

2100 mm

Minimum aisle width

H bot main

Robotics Products


High Speed Elevator

Key Feature

The H-bot High-Speed Elevator is a layer-changing transport equipment of Zikoo Smart designed for high-density pallet storage systems. It enables precise, stable, and efficient handling of goods, as well as cross-racking handling of four-way shuttles.


Rated load


Applicable temperature

0.6-1.2 m/s

Lifting speed


Positioning accuracy


Our Software

Our mission is to provide intelligent, efficient, and flexible storage systems that meet the diverse needs of global warehousing demand, while maintaining cost-effectiveness. At the forefront of technological innovation, Zikoo specializes in the design and development of cutting-edge warehouse management software, including IWMS、IWCS、RMS.


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The PTP (Pallet-To-Person) smart warehouse software serves as the core control system for smart warehouses. This smart middleware integrates storage, handling, and picking policies, facilitates multi-device collaboration, and incorporates a range of robotic scheduling algorithms.

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