Zikoo Robotics have served over 300 clients and successfully implemented more than 400 projects, with our operations extending across Asia. Our core products have successfully penetrated international markets, demonstrating mature and professional case solutions in various industries including electric power, renewable energy, cold chain, food, third-party logistics, pharmaceuticals, and precision manufacturing.

Zikoo robotics

Electric Power Industry

When discussing contemporary intelligent warehouses, the first that comes to mind is JD’s “Asia No.1” warehouse. Its dazzling promotional videos showcase various AGVs efficiently operating in their designated roles. Next in line is Amazon’s warehouse, where the Kiva robots significantly contribute to the development of intelligent warehouse equipment …

Zikoo Robotics

Pharmaceutical Packaging Warehouse

With the continuous development of national support policies and medical reforms, China’s pharmaceutical industry and its upstream and downstream supply chains have maintained steady growth. The increased investment in new drug research and development by pharmaceutical companies …

Zikoo robotics

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