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Join Zikoo Robotics’ global partner network,through fruitful partnerships, the potential for growth knows no bounds, offering a multitude of choices to our esteemed users,  inspiring the achievement of your wildest dreams.


Strategic partnership, simplified.

As a leader in smart warehouse robot solutions, we are dedicated to empowering our partners to thrive financially and provide unparalleled service to their clients. With our comprehensive support system, including true deal flow, demand generation, and co-selling assistance, you can be confident in your success. Our committed onboarding and enablement team will equip your team with the necessary expertise and strategies for rapid revenue growth. Join us to be a part of revolutionizing the smart warehousing industry.

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In our partnership approach, we offer two methods of collaboration. Firstly, there is the Direct Agreement option, where partners can engage directly with Zikoo during the pre-sales phase and then subcontract the work to us, ensuring a smooth collaboration process. Secondly, we provide a Channel-Led Sales approach, where partners can lead pre-sales activities and enjoy rebates upon the successful finalization of a direct agreement with Zikoo. 

Partnerships for Success


We take time to understand each partner’s ideal customer and engagement type to effectively advocate for the right fit on each project.

Enjoy Professional “Pallet to Person” Know-how Sharing 

With Zikoo’s technical training and certificate, constant expert communication, tools and materials, partner can build own capacity to serve customer professionally in pre-sales, implementation and after service stages. 

Enjoy the Full Smart Warehouse Portfolio

With Zikoo’s full series of product, partner own full solution covering all scenarios applications of pallet storage, inbound/outbound, picking and transportation. 

24/7 Assistance


Around-the-Clock Pre-Sales to After-Sales Support, full process technical team support.To our partners, we promise quick response and regular follow-up.

Enjoy Business Benefit


Partner receives special channel discount and well organized market layout, representing Zikoo business is profitable and long-term. 

Enjoy Market Promotion Support

Partner owns the opportunity to have co-branding with Zikoo, enjoy zikoo’s market support including: professional trade show, on line promotion, seminar, marketing materials, special discount of demo, earliest approach of new type …

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