With a 180 pallets/hour throughput, Zikoo Robotics sets a new benchmark for efficient warehousing

This project focuses on the food industry, a leading food and dairy enterprises, founded in 1992, as a local dairy enterprise old, carrying 7 million people’s “milk memories”, the average daily production of more than 1,200 tons of liquid milk products. 


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  • Stereoscopic warehouse net height of 13 meters, a total of 5 floors, the design of about 10,000 pallets of storage positions, goods to finished liquid milk-based, single pallet of more than 100 boxes, cargo height of 2.1 meters, a single pallet size of 1,200 * 1,000mm, load capacity of 1.2 tons, the warehouse’s maximum storage of about 1.5 million boxes of finished liquid milk, the ultimate use of space, compared with the traditional way of ground stacking storage, the stereoscopic warehouse of the space efficiency Increase the space utilization rate of the stereoscopic warehouse by 3-4 times compared to the traditional ground stack storage method.
Zikoo's Solution

  • The warehouse has a total floor area of about 4,500 square meters, designed with about 10,000 finished product storage positions, maximum storage of about 1.5 million cases of liquid milk, 24-hour high-frequency in and out of the warehouse, with a maximum efficiency of 180 pallets/hour. Through the organic integration of intelligent warehousing software and hardware, with the digital twin visualization platform, the whole process information of goods can be traced, which has significant effect on storage capacity, cost reduction and efficiency, lean management, etc.
  • Under the scheduling of IWCS and RMS system, it can realize the scheduling of 15 shuttle cars on the same floor, and at the same time, cooperate with 5 high-speed elevators to realize flexible and efficient floor change operation, as well as the joint scheduling operation of a number of conveyor lines, film winding machines, code readers, shape detection and other types of equipment. The warehouse is set up with 2 inbound ports and 3 outbound ports to meet the 24-hour high-frequency inbound and outbound demand, and the inbound and outbound efficiency is as high as 180 pallets/hour, which greatly improves the efficiency of warehousing operation and reduces the manual operation cost.


  • Low efficiency of manual handling
  • Low utilization of warehouse space
  • High requirements for the stability of the storage environment
  • Short storage cycle and high turnover rate
  • High manpower cost and safety risk

Project Background

This project focuses on the food industry, a leading food and dairy enterprises, founded in 1992, as a local dairy enterprise old, carrying 7 million people's "milk memories", the average daily production of more than 1,200 tons of liquid milk products. In 2020, the enterprise gave full play to the geographical advantage, aiming at the whole country, and became the first enterprise to put forward the idea of "limited production area milk".

Industry Case Study

This project focuses on the food sector—specifically Xiajin Dairy, founded in 1992, which produces over 1200 tons of liquid milk daily. Under the fresh strategy initiative, Xiajin Dairy’s supply chain has undergone a comprehensive upgrade: new farms have been built and put into operation, production lines and equipment have been updated, and warehousing has been transformed to intelligent systems.

In collaboration with Zikoo Robotics, Xiajin Dairy has constructed a “Pallet-to-Person” shuttle racking warehouse. The warehouse spans approximately 4500 square meters, designed to hold around 10,000 finished product storage locations and store up to 1.5 million boxes of liquid milk. It operates 24 hours with high-frequency loading and unloading, reaching a maximum efficiency of 180 pallets/hour. Through the organic integration of intelligent warehousing software and hardware, paired with a digital twin visualization platform, the entire process of the goods—from storage capacity, cost reduction, efficiency enhancement to lean management—shows significant improvements.

Project Solution

To meet the growing market demand for high-share liquid milk, Xiajin Dairy expanded its finished liquid milk intelligent warehouse in Litong District, Wuzhong City, Ningxia, in 2022. It is understood that Xiajin has taken the lead in introducing the world’s most advanced ultra-high-temperature sterilized milk production lines and the world’s fastest liquid milk filling equipment. However, finished product storage has been predominantly a combination of traditional ground stacking and manual forklifts. Realizing that warehousing is a crucial component of a smart factory, the company has taken the initiative to deploy intelligent warehouses to achieve full-process automation and information management from production, packaging, storage to transportation, to further reduce costs, enhance efficiency, and improve the safety and stability of the warehouse working environment.


Project Impact

The warehouse, with a clear height of 13 meters and five levels, is designed with approximately 10,000 pallet locations, mainly for finished liquid milk. Each pallet, exceeding 100 boxes with a height of 2.1 meters and dimensions of 1200*1000mm, can carry a load of 1.2 tons. With an ultra-efficient use of space, the intelligent warehouse’s spatial utilization is three to four times higher than traditional ground stacking methods.

In this project, Zikoo Robotics provides Xiajin Dairy with a one-stop intelligent warehousing solution. Under the dispatch of IWCS and RMS systems, it can realize multi-vehicle scheduling of 15 shuttle cars on the same level, combined with five high-speed lifts for flexible and efficient level-changing operations, along with several conveyance lines, wrapping machines, barcode readers, and shape detectors for a variety of equipment scheduling tasks. The warehouse has two inbound and three outbound docks, catering to 24-hour high-frequency loading and unloading needs, with an efficiency of up to 180 pallets/hour, significantly improving storage efficiency and reducing manual operation costs. Automation in warehousing, coupled with production line to robotic arm automatic palletizing, greatly enhances the lean level of the overall supply chain.


Project Solution

Through the organic integration of intelligent warehousing software and hardware, coupled with a digital twin visualization platform, full-process data synchronization and traceability are achievable. On one hand, the warehouse IWMS system is integrated with the SAP system for full-process order data synchronization, automatically dispatching inbound and outbound tasks, and consolidating orders for outbound according to transport routes. On the other hand, from the end of production, goods are digitally coded for precise traceability. Integrated industrial barcode data collection systems transmit information to IWCS, where robotic arms paired with vision perform automatic stacking. The IWCS system binds the start and end goods codes with the pallet codes based on the timing relationship, while the palletizing information is synchronized to the IWMS system, allowing forklift operators to retrieve tasks efficiently on the operation terminal PAD.

Furthermore, the IWMS system also supports zone control for flat and high-rise warehouses, unified inventory allocation, significantly enhancing order fulfillment efficiency. By setting up near-expiry alerts, effective near-expiry food management is realized, with batch-by-batch food inspection management, and full-process information traceability of goods, aiding the enterprise to transition from a traditional “production and processing” type to an “intelligent manufacturing + service” type that provides full lifecycle product solutions.


Project Impact

Deputy General Manager of Zikoo Robotics, stated: “We are honored to assist Xiajin Dairy in the digital upgrade of their warehousing and logistics segment. Throughout the project implementation, both parties have cooperated closely. This project operates 24 hours with high-frequency loading and unloading, utilizing the overall capacity of the warehouse to its fullest, with significant results in storage capacity, cost reduction, and lean management. The project design is highly suitable for the food industry, with a certain replicability, and can also be reused in other Xiajin Dairy factories. We believe it will also provide a reference sample for the food industry to upgrade warehousing efficiency.

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