2023LET, Unveiling R-bot Four-Way Pallet Shuttle!

Feb 5, 2024 | Zikoo Events

From May 18 to 20, the 2023 Guangzhou International Logistics Equipment and Technology Exhibition was grandly opened in Guangzhou. As a leading provider of pallet storage robots, Zikoo Smart released an edge technology product – a new generation of smart pallet four-way shuttle (ZK-R1500 series). Cai Chuanyu, CEO of Zikoo smart, and media guests participated in the new product unveiling ceremony on the spot, became the focus of the audience.

At this exhibition, Zikoo Smart presented the theme “Leading Intelligence in New Warehouse Scenarios,” offering a new generation of comprehensive dense storage solutions for smart factories and intelligent logistics scenes. The company leverages mobile robots and intelligent warehouse software to support industrial IoT, creating value for customers. Simultaneously, Zikoo Smart engaged in discussions with numerous enterprises, channel partners, and well-known media associations on how to achieve intelligent storage, assisting companies in cost reduction, efficiency improvement, and high-quality development.

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