How to Choose a Pallet Storage Solution?

Feb 5, 2024 | Technical Articles

Traditional warehouses, utilizing flat storage and beam racks, often struggle to meet the demands of inventory volume. The manual handling of thousands of containers and goods for picking, transporting, and storing frequently leads to issues such as missed picks and wrong picks, resulting in inefficient operations. The vertical storage model of Four-Way Pallet Shuttle Systems is increasingly being adopted by many enterprises, transforming warehouse management into an intelligent and efficient process. With its characteristics of efficiency, density, and flexibility, this storage solution not only enhances storage density but also reduces labor and time costs in warehouse operations.
For end-users, selecting an appropriate warehouse storage solution is crucial. Considerations should primarily focus on six aspects: operational efficiency, space utilization, project costs, reliability, delivery capabilities, and software systems.

1. Operational Efficiency:

ZIKOO has intelligently crafted a unified architecture where software and hardware systems seamlessly integrate. On the hardware side, the upgraded Four-Way Pallet Shuttle boasts a top travel speed of 2m/s and a rapid direction-switching time of 2.5 seconds, marking an industry-leading performance level. On the software side, the in-house developed PTP Intelligent Warehouse Management Software enables various optimal storage and picking strategies, enhancing warehouse operational efficiency.

2. Space Utilization:

ZIKOO’s intelligent pallet storage solution achieves optimal space utilization by constructing a high-density vertical warehouse for goods storage. It maximizes warehouse space utilization, with storage density being 4-6 times that of traditional storage solutions and 1.3-2 times that of standard automated vertical warehouses. The solution supports personalized customization, allowing for a rational layout and comparative analysis based on the customer’s warehouse structure and the characteristics of stored items. This involves continuous research and upgrades to both software and hardware systems, resulting in the optimal storage solution.

3.Project Cost:

ZIKOO introduces a pallet storage solution that offers fast and efficient one-stop services. In terms of time costs, it achieves savings in project delivery time, accelerating customer return on investment. Regarding economic costs, the solution, through warehouse automation upgrades, effectively increases operational efficiency, enhances storage capacity, and reduces manual labor and operation time.

The solution facilitates fully automated operations such as picking, transporting, and warehouse entry/exit, resulting in a 50%-80% reduction in manual labor. This not only avoids errors and safety risks associated with manual operations but also enhances overall safety.

4. Reliability Metrics:

ZIKOO ensures overall compatibility and stability through the development of a highly matched design form for software components and hardware. It defines hardware based on software requirements and designs software based on hardware characteristics, ensuring a seamless integration between the two.

At the product level, all hardware components are independently developed and manufactured in-house. They undergo over 70 rigorous testing procedures from production to delivery, adhering to high manufacturing standards. Additionally, these products have been validated through extensive application instances across various industries, including but not limited to power, machinery, new energy, appliances, food, home goods, automotive, pharmaceuticals, and cold chain.

5.Delivery Capability

Based on standard solutions and configurable components, ZIKOO offers personalized customization according to customer requirements, departing from the industry’s conventional approach of integrating and delivering non-standard products. ZIKOO transforms integrated delivery into product-oriented delivery, achieving high-quality overall delivery while reducing delivery times by over 40%. With extensive project experience, ZIKOO ensures 100% high-quality delivery within 2-3 months, eliminating the risk of unfinished projects.

6.Software Systems:

ZIKOO’s PTP Intelligent Warehouse Management Software seamlessly integrates with hardware systems, including but not limited to IWMS (Integrated Warehouse Management System), IWCS (Integrated Warehouse Control System), and RMS (Robotic Management System). The software system, serving as the brain of the intelligent warehouse, acts as a middleware for algorithms such as slot management, storage strategies, task scheduling, multi-device coordination, and robot scheduling. Additionally, it provides user-friendly functions at the user end, such as warehouse business operations, warehouse equipment monitoring management, and intelligent equipment maintenance. The software system is flexible and adaptable to various intelligent warehouse hardware devices.

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