Storage capacity increased by 5.5 times!What is the winning magic weapon of this pharmaceutical packaging material company?

Dec 17, 2023 | Zikoo News

With the innovation and development of the pharmaceutical industry, pharmaceutical companies have increased their investment in new drug research and development year by year, and new dosage forms, new varieties, and new specifications of drugs continue to appear, which has promoted the further growth of the demand for pharmaceutical packaging materials, and the supporting logistics supply chain is also welcome. The application of a new generation of intelligent logistics technology represented by the smart four-way pallet shuttle system has realized the digital upgrade of intralogistics, greatly improving warehousing efficiency and reducing personnel costs.

Recently,Zikoo teamed up with Cangzhou Four Star Glass Co., Ltd., a well-known Chinese medicinal glass bottle manufacturer, to jointly create an smart four-way pallet shuttle stereoscopic warehouse project, realize intensive storage of the entire warehouse, upgrade automation and intelligent operations, and re-establish the pharmaceutical industry A new benchmark for smart warehouses.

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